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Emptying and Conditioning with Gericke

Total process expertise. In addition to the fundamental processes of feeding, mixing and conveying, our unique experience and allround technical capability makes us the ideal partner to design, manufacture and install all vital process including emptying and conditioning.

Continuous Manufacturing

Our Continuous Manufacturing Modules combine high precision loss in weight feeders with scientifically designed compact mixers and integrated PAT solutions.

The module can supply mixtures of up to 6 components to:

  • Direct Compression
  • Wet or Dry Granulation
  • Hot Melt Extrusion
  • Sachet or Capsule Filling
  • As individual unit operation for formulation development

Gericke continuous mixing process technologies are ideally suited to the new era of efficient solid dose pharmaceutical manufacturing. Our systems are fully developed, and in use at various sites and have been approved by customers and the FDA.

Pneumatic Conveying with Gericke

The industry leader. One of the most important requirements for any pneumatic conveying system is a smooth, gentle transfer of the product which minimises wastage and reduces costs, and so increases competitiveness. Gericke have developed unique pneumatic conveying systems which combine maximum product protection with minimum consumption of conveying gas. Even products which are difficult to handle, including abrasive, fragile or inconsistent particle-size, can be conveyed with enhanced efficiency and safety.

With an installed base of more than 8500 conveying systems, Gericke can offer the technology most suitable for your application:

1. Dense phase positive pressure conveying: 

  • Very gentle and slow conveying with PulseFlow PTA
  • Safe conveying over long distances with DenseFlow PHF
  • Highest operation efficiency with the minimal gas consumption
  • Conveying from one starting point to several receivers

2. Lean phase positive pressure conveying:

  • Universal conveying technology
  • Low space requirements at starting point
  • Budget friendly
  • Conveying from one starting point to several receivers

3. Vacuum (negative pressure) conveying:

  • Easy operation for distances up to 30 m
  • Suited for short distances
  • Low budget friendly
  • Conveying from several starting points to one receiver

Mixing value with efficiency

Since its formation GERICKE has led the way with state of the art mixing technology to ensure maximum added value and consistent homogeneity for both intermediate and finished products including the most delicate ingredients.

Bespoke solutions. To satisfy even the most complex mixing requirements, Gericke can custom-create complete mixing lines including product reception, storage, recipe preparation, mixing and conditioning. Gericke’s world renowned mixing turnkey packages can also integrate every processing stage from feeding to mixing into a single line to guarantee maximum efficiency.

Masters in mixing technology. When space is at a premium Gericke’s continuous mixing systems offer the ideal solution. Gericke can also provide full recipe management programs incorporating feeding and flow control for maximum mixing consistency. When the process involves multiple components and frequent product changes Gericke batch mixing stations are used.

Gericke’s unique experience also covers reaction processes such as agglomeration, granulation, coating and heat transfer, which are vital for product innovation

Size reduction with Gericke

he most effective method of particle size reduction has been a major consideration for solids handling processors for many years and in the past has traditionally involved the use of large scale equipment with high capital cost and energy requirements.

Gericke Nibblers and Cone Mills provide the ideal alternative.

A cost effective highly efficient solution for coarse and fine size reduction and also the de-agglomeration of lumps.

The well proven Nibbler principle is based upon a cutting, grating and breaking action, as opposed to grinding. The Gericke Cone Mill principle is based upon high speed impact in addition to attrition milling. The normal issues associated with size reduction such as temperature rise, noise and dust generation are minimised.

GS Sifters Gericke

Proven Reliable Solutions for Product Screening and Particle Size Control. The accurate and efficient preparation of products is a core requirement to ensure reliability and consistency.

Building on our proven technology Gericke has introduced a complete NEW range of centrifugal sifters with updated design and operational features necessary to satisfy the demands of today’s processing industries especially with regard to sieving efficiency, higher yields, improved hygiene, ease of maintenance and compliance with the latest industry standards including the Machinery and ATEX Directives.

Gericke Sifters are the preferred solution for:

  • Policing and scalping of Raw Materials after discharge from
    paper sacks, boxes, “big bags”, IBC’s and bulk storage silos.
  • Two part classification and separation.
  • De-dusting – removal of fine particles from main product mass.
  • Re-claiming materials after de-packing.
  • Final security screening before packing or bulk out-loading.
  • De-watering – separating solids and liquids.
  • In-Line sifting (Blowing or Vacuum Systems)

The Test Centers Gericke

Tests on an industrial scale reduce planning time and increase process safety!

Test centres in Switzerland, France, England, Brazil, USA and Singapore are available for customer tests under near-production conditions. The test centres are equipped with original machines. Experienced specialists design the test layout according to your wishes and perform the tests.

How can the test centres help you?

  • Testing of machines and prototypes with original products
  • Checking of performance ranges and accuracies
  • Testing of the interaction of multiple machines
  • Gaining of experience for product processing
  • Sampling for laboratory tests and market response
  • Customer training

Rental units by Gericke

Maximising value. Minimising risk.

Every Gericke branch has a number of rental machines. They are used for industrial trials in an existing production system.

Rental machines may be integrated into an existing production process. The suitability of a machine and the effect on the bulk behavior can be easily confirmed.

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During system commissioning, the Service Team has the lead at the construction site. Construction and assembly supervision, control of the assembly team, coordination of the logistics and enforcement of safety at the construction site are central tasks.

While the system is being commissioned, the test runs of the individual components and the controller are performed, initially as a sequential test of the automation, then with the product, and finally as a complete process.

  • Construction site supervision
  • Assembly
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance concepts
  • Training of local staff



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