By our Expertise Activity

we provide a bespoke solution

I.C.E. is a key reference in the sector of water and bottled drinks. Since 1987 we have been serving major international groups and local bottlers in every corner of the globe thanks to our unique know-how based first and foremost on our Human Resources and the sharing of our Code of Values. It is applicable to every member of our team and is evident in all our day-to-day commercial and technical activities.


By our Expertise activity, we provide a bespoke solution to your problems via our team of experts in specialist professions: quality expert, water-treatment engineer, control engineer, installation and commissioning expert etc. Our expertise in water treatment, the capitalization on our knowledge for over 30 years – allied with our intimate knowledge of the problems encountered by those in the bottled water industry – make I.C.E. a technical expert in its field and a specialist in the protection of bottled water quality. We installed from 50 L/hr to 500 m3/hr.


Reverse Osmosis System

Ozonation System

Ultra Filtration System

Well Drilling

Securing of Water Resources

waste water, municipal & industrial effluent.

IMTEC offers a full range of  after sales support (parts and services) to customers to ensure long product life and minimize potential down time and associated costs , to keep your systems up and running.

IMTEC provides guaranteed high quality parts, fully comprehensive parts kits. We ensure availability and management of spare parts and scheduled or emergency delivery times.

Maintain Comprehensive level of Inventory to serve the customer


IMTEC Key Feature with ICE Water Management 

  • Spare Parts Support
  • ON Site Support
  • Commissioning & Maintenance
  • Protection testing
  • Projects
  • Sacks Conveyor



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We believe that our success is because of our strong engineering team. As we evolve and grow, we understand that maintaining the integrity of our past through commitment to best quality and valuable services

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